February 26, 2016


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AL Villalobos

Excellent work!
You have tied together several lines of thought that have been in my mind for years now.
I'd love to see an active discussion forum for your work.

Kartik Gada

Thanks, Al.

The comments section here is going to be the early discussion forum, but for that we need more traffic. This is still the early stage, so I am just seeking to get more people (and more of the right people) to read it. Anything you can do to build exposure/readership gets us closer to our goal...


Very interesting and laudable. One thing, however: THIS: "Accelerating TechnOnomic Medium" -- is too obscure and confusing. You must find a better way of expressing what is surely a very important idea. IMO.

Kartik Gada


Thanks for reading the whole thing. I thought about it at great length, but there did not appear to be a more acronym-friendly name that works well in the logo and conveys what the whole concept is about. So we went with 'ATOM'.

Tim Cason

I have briefly read through this and I'm hoping to find the time to thoroughly read and analyze it. I think it is revolutionary thinking and I wish people were talking about this. I have discussed and shared this article with a few people, but I plan to spread the message as much as I can!

Kartik Gada

Tim Cason,

Thanks! It is great to see someone who gets the material, and is willing to share the materials with other. Anything you can do to spread the material is greatly valued.

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