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What will be the result of the technological disruption on the global employment, in the next 10 years, on a capitalist bases??
What will be the influence of technological development on the global surplus value of capitalist production??

Kartik Gada

Vanderbeke Roland,

Read the entire publication, Chapters 1 through 14.

James Deus

Hi Kartik,
Are you taking action to get this proposal in front of the Trump transition team?

Kartik Gada

Hi James,

I would certainly like to, but don't have a direct contact there. Sending it cold would get lost within thousands of letters..


Hi KG,

I love your whitepaper. You've clearly sunk a ton of time and effort into this and it shows. Your solution is elegant and if I had a steady check coming in, I would relax and focus on other ventures (making more contributions to ATOM.)

I don't intend to be spammy (not my intent), but if someone could please answer my question in this instance, I'd really appreciate it:

Again, great stuff!

Kartik Gada


Your solution is elegant and if I had a steady check coming in, I would relax and focus on other ventures (making more contributions to ATOM.)

Yes! That is exactly the idea. Too many people assume the DUES will kill incentives, but I claim it will increase it, since the income tax is 0%, and the tailwind behind all technology startups would be higher.


this book

Is a good read, might be worth getting in touch with the authors? They are acceleration aware guys who share many of your ideas.


I would also suggest Peter Diamandis, if you havent already contacted him. He is involved in everything to do with futurism and abundance. \

I'm trying to spread the idea amongst various libertarian minded people here in my country.

AL Villalobos

Interesting thread about UBI at Instapundit today:

Not a single mention about this concept over there- and remember these readers are a far above average slice of the internet.

Food for thought


peter Diamandis actually is favourable to the UBI idea.

I have been hearing more and more about the general idea of UBI in the mainstream chatterings, however people seem stuck in the idea that taxation is needed to fund it. The DUES is much better .

Kartik Gada


Thanks. The thing is, I am having trouble getting a fair hearing from Singularity U, despite my material being more advanced than most of theirs. I will get there, but at the moment they seem long on steep fees and light on new ideas..


A less than ideal place to post/contactmay be here? They have a forum, and so may expose the ATOM to multiple eyeballs.

Uphill battle it would seem

James Deus

What's the latest with the video competition?
It seems to me that a better approach might be to employ your own advice to individuals (such as here: ) and crowdfund/kickstart it yourself, no?

Kartik Gada

James Deus,

It will be unveiled shortly.

Crowdfunding is one avenue I may pursue, but it is extremely difficult to generate money for a prize via crowdfunding.


Kartik, I appreciate the ideas you present and they make sense to me. I see the effects of technological deflation. However, there may be a flaw, Moore's law (which the ATOM theory relies on) is said to be coming to an absolute stop. what are your thoughts on this?

Kartik Gada


This is explained in detail throughout the publication. Plus, it is inaccurate to assume that Moore's Law is the entirely of technological progress, or even the entirety of computing. For example, parallel computing processes neural nets 20-50x faster than serial computing, even if the transistors are of the same size under Moore's Law.

You have observed how storage costs have fallen for decades. That is not Moore's Law. Hence it is incorrect to think of Moore's Law being the entirely of technological progress (or even a large part of it). It is not.


Could you also publish it as an .epub file in addition the the .pdf?

Kartik Gada

Hello Dearth,

There is an ebook format (and hardcopy) for sale on Amazon, but the v2.0 is not published there yet.

But this website and the .pdf format are free.


Hello ~
I've been lurking for a long time, watching your blog, and now your youtube channel.
Thank you for creating both information sites, very informative.
Two requests ~
1)Could you please create a bitchute channel as well? Bitchute will increase your reach, as well as being a backup in case Youtube goes down.
2)Please, please would you make a vid about this Zerohedge article:

I tried to understand it, but it was all gibberish to me, so...?
Just confused as to what it says or means, or is it just another handwaving bit of 'magic' that Phd's tend to do?
Thank you again for your insights, they help during these times of turmoil,

Kartik Gada

Hello Linnea,

Thanks for reading/watching.

I will look into Bitchute. I haven't familiarized myself with it yet.

I will do a video on what the Fed is doing.

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